Who We Are


UI Consulting is a strategic business unit of PT. Daya Makara UI, the wholly owned commercial venture of University of Indonesia, founded in 2004.

UI Consulting provides a one-stop-shop consulting in all aspects of business and organization, including but not limited to strategic management, human resource management, organization development, marketing management, information technology management, accounting, financial management and operations management. No other Indonesian consulting firm can offer the degree of flexibility of consulting service we are able to offer.

What We Do


We provide our clients with a wide-range of these services with the support of the vast, diverse, experienced and high quality resource of University of Indonesia, the leading university in Indonesia.

The synergy of multi-disciplinary resource of University of Indonesia also ensure that our solutions take into account multiple views of your problem, not just from one single perspective. In another word, we will ensure that you will achieve your business objectives, by providing complete solutions from multiple perspectives. We believe by doing so, we always provide the best service for our clients.


Consultant Team

Hanungbayu Setiyabisma, MBA
Managing Partner
Dr. Triarko Nurlambang
Senior Associate Partner
Riani Rachmawati, M.A., PhD.
Associate Partner
Dony Abdul Chalid, MM., PhD.
Associate Partner